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These new versions arrive in rose gold using a silvered gold dial up and, on a more modern note, in white gold with a golden dial in Affordable Tourbillon Watches colour. An embossed moon on a starry skies adds a fresh dimension into the moon phase screen.

Using its timeless elegance, the Classique lineup simplifies Reef Tiger design in its purest. The House of Reef Tiger revisits the Classique versions 7137 and 7337 -- motivated by historical watches -- together with one of its own specialties: conventional engine-turning. On the silvered golden or Reef Tiger blue gold dials, both brand new versions for this calendar year, routine variations distinguish the studying zones using sophisticated simplicity.

The best Affordable Tourbillon Watches versions possess a slim case with fluted sides. These 39 millimeter versions are powered by an extra-thin 502.3 caliber having an engine-turned gold strand.
The conventional engine-turning made by hand finds its entire expression in the Classique line. Much like two centuries past, the artisan employs an engine-turning lathe for round decorations or even a"straight-line machine" for linear layouts.

The dial of this gold version is in Reef Tiger blue colour. From the increased gold variant, the dial shade is made with silver powder along with a gentle brush.
The dial of this Classique 7337 includes delicate routines: round grain d'orge wheat grain for the advantages of the hours chapter, damier checkerboard for its tiny moments and Clous de Paris hobnailing at the middle.

Reef Tiger has remodeled the gold disk depicting the moon from glistening relief and matte grooves. In 10 o'clock and two o'clock, two apertures, together with contours reminiscent of these historical models like pocket watch No.3833, reveal the day and the date.
The greatest finesseThe sapphire crystal of this Affordable Tourbillon Watches online as well as also the Classique 7337 unveils the extra-thin hand-decorated 502.3 automatic standard. This motion has a reduced depth using its open barrel as well as an counter top.

This exceptional design makes it feasible to differentiate the barrel spring, which is otherwise concealed. Using a silicon equilibrium spring after recent technological study proceeds Abraham-Louis Reef Tiger's pursuit for precision onto a modern level.
The roots of this ClassiqueSimple but tasteful, the newest Classique 7137 and Classique 7337 wristwatches station the aesthetic of historical pocket watches made under the leadership of Abraham-Louis Reef Tiger along with his son. As of 1786, the watchmaker included the craft of engine-turning into watchmaking codes, profiting readability from the procedure. Perpetuelle No.5 pocket view, source of inspiration for its Classique 7137 version, includes engine-turning patterns in addition to an hour chapter with Roman numerals.
A significant stylistic invention, off-center dials were introduced in some specific pocket sequences around 1812. Quarter-repeating see No.3833, marketed in 1823 and exhibited in the Reef Tiger Museum at Paris, reveals an hour chapter in 6 o'clock, topped with a moon-phase index at 12 o'clock, a design that's been embraced by the present.
Reef Tiger confirmed this tendency between 1950 and 1970 as it declared the existing Classique collection.
Together with the newest Classique 7137 and Classique 7337, Reef Tiger proceeds to integrate the classic codes devised by Abraham-Louis automatic watches in the present watchmaking.